Nintendo were never that popular here in New Zealand. Now I have a Wii... so what happened? A Nintendo noob's opinion on it all:

Monday, May 28, 2007

short history part II: up yours, sony

Saturn. Playstation. The end of Sega!

What a tragic era. My Mega Drive was old, Sega of Japan were making stupid decisions. Sega of America made the 32X, only to have Sega of Japan designing their lovely abortion, the Sega Saturn. Sega made some grave errors, and suffered for it, especially in America. Here... Sega sort of faded. People were interested in that new thing Sony were going to release. It would do 3D! Oh my god! I was still faithful to Sega though, and I didn't have a high opinion on this new console. I mean--Sony? What were they doing with consoles? People around me talking about Playstation, and they had no idea of the consoles before it. They only had a faint idea of what Sega or Nintendo were. "Thanks" to Sony's excellent marketing, they showed the mainstream the gaming world.

I used a Saturn--I didn't own one, I used to hire it out from the video store. It was pretty good. Though to me, the console world seemed to be falling down. That is probably a strange thing to say, because once the Playstation was released the gaming world became more popular and its audience broadened. Sega seemed to have failed, so I, in a sense, ran to the PC gaming world to "wait out the storm".

Though the Playstation seemed quite firm in everyone's minds. I stayed 'faithful' to Sega, hoping for their come back. I discovered emulators on computers (go KGEN and Genecyst!!) and was reminded of those great old days. I viewed Playstation as the destroyer of Sega, even though it was just as much as if not more Sega's fault for their own failure.

When news of the Dreamcast came, I was surprised, to say the least. Sega could come back! What an awesome console! But it seemed there was no place in the world for Sega--again, they failed. You might remember that I mentioned distributors distribute the console here. Well, Sony was awesome at this. They actually advertised!! TV ads! They were pretty much the first mainstream advertisements of a video game console here. Sega? I remember seeing two. And they were the first Sega ads I had ever seen. Nintendo ads? Non-existent. Nintendo's distributor here was useless. You'd be lucky if you actually found what you wanted--stock levels were so poor. I think this applied to Europe as well (who manage our distrubutors too, remember?). America and Japan were Nintendo worshippers. The rest of the world were pretty much shunned. I don't know why. It's not like the rest of the world hated Nintendo, but Nintendo were so damn poor these other regions of the world you'd think Nintendo hated everyone. In any case, Sega died. With much regret I let go of Sega.

Still it took me a while to come back to the console world. When I did return, it was with a Playstation2. Ha! I felt weird buying this Sony .. thing. I'm glad I did though, of course there were good games on it, I had a good time! Just because it was Sony didn't mean I couldn't have fun on it. Even though... Sony... you bastards. Destroyer of my gaming life. Well, that might be a bit dramatic and over the top, but you get the idea.

So! I loved Sega, I grew (or forced myself?) to love Sony, but Nintendo? Where were you? I actually played a few SNES games on emulators. They were good--it's a shame Nintendo didn't have such a presence here. I love emulators! Though Nintendo.. Nintendo 64? HA! Gamecube? Only hardcore people would have had a Gamecube. No one would have known what it was. It's almost as if Nintendo couldn't be bothered. And the Xbox? That new console back then stomped all over Nintendo's offerings here. Why did people so readily accept the Xbox but not the Gamecube? Again, I think the most likely theory is distribution. Playstation2 and the Xbox were the champions, Nintendo? That was for Pokemon.

So why could they be bothered with the Wii? Or has nothing changed? I'll talk about this later. Though I can tell you--there's definitely no Wii shortage here! I saw a shop with 10 copies of Zelda next to about 10 consoles sitting on the floor, all in the corner of the shop. Playstation3 and Xbox360 took centre-stage. Nintendo?! Don't do this again!?

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