Nintendo were never that popular here in New Zealand. Now I have a Wii... so what happened? A Nintendo noob's opinion on it all:

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Hi there,

I know what you're thinking -- how can I be "old" to videogames but "new" to Nintendo? Nintendo is pretty synonymous to video games, right? How can I be a gamer and not be "old-school" with Nintendo? And what makes me "new" to Nintendo now? (I can answer that now -- Wii)

Well, I suppose it comes down to where you live. Nintendo is huge in America and Japan. I'm from New Zealand, and Nintendo here... didn't too that well. Who was king during the 8bit and 16bit era? Sega, most likely. Why? Because Sega actually gave damn about this and the Australian market (though only just!)

It's a tragic story, really. I'll tell you soon history of Sega and Nintendo in New Zealand and Australia from my point of view, and why the Wii has affected Nintendo in strange ways...

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